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find creators
Filter through a variety of creators based on industry, follower count, engagement, and more to find the perfect match for your brand.
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Select which pieces of content you want to purchase based on services and rates predetermined by the creator. We’re making influencer marketing as easy as online shopping.

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give collab info

Let the creator know all the details about your potential partnership— dates you want the content by, what you want them to do, any product or service you’re providing, and any relevant photos or videos.

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submit your request

Choose your payment method and hit submit! You are only charged if and when the creator accepts your request. Embassy’s in-app wallet ensures safe and secure payments every time.

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collab the right way

Once the creator accepts your request, chat back and forth in the messenger, check the calendar to see when content is
due, and track performance in real time once posts are made! The creator is only paid upon their fulfillment. If they don't come through, you get an automatic refund!

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Mix and match the content your brand needs with the influencers that do them best, or submit a completely custom request!
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